By creating opportunities for learning and advancing knowledge while performing tasks, we at Rahnabar Company have been able to provide our specialists with the best rewards. Elevating their technical knowledge is among the unparalleled rewards for them. Our experts are prepared to tackle complex challenges and offer flexible solutions, ready to contribute to the growth and advancement of your business. We believe that having this skilled, committed, and creative workforce is the key driver of our own growth and progress. At Rahnabar, prioritizing the growth and advancement of our specialists as our valuable assets is one of our top priorities. 

نیروی انسانی راهبر

The credibility of the Raahbar is summed up in its human power

With 20 years of experience and a team of dedicated and passionate experts, Raahbar Company has been able to bring the digital transformation to life in the fields of business and technology within the country. Through its creative and innovative services and solutions, Raahbar assists its customers.

بهترین شرکت های طراحی وب سایت و پورتال در ایران

در حوزه طراحی وب سایت و پورتال، در ایران شرکت‌های مختلفی وجود دارند که ارائه خدمات متنوعی را به مشتریان خود ارائه می‌دهند. اما بهترین شرکت طراحی سایت برای هر شرکت یا سازمان ، بستگی به نیازهای وی و نوع پروژه‌ دارد.  در هر صورت، برای انتخاب بهترین شرکت طراحی سایت، می‌توانید ابتدا نمونه وب سایت ها و پورتال های طراحی و اجرا شده آنها را مشاهده نمایید و همچنین، با مشاوره از کارشناسان وب سایت و بررسی امکانات و خدماتی که ارائه می‌دهند، بهترین شرکت را برای پروژه خود انتخاب کنید. معیارهایی که می‌توانند در انتخاب بهترین شرکت طراحی سایت موثر باشند، شامل کیفیت طراحی ظاهری و گرافیکی، نوآوری، انجام کدنویسی اختصاصی ، قیمت، زمانبندی پروژه، پشتیبانی پس از ارائه پروژه و میزان رضایت مشتریان قبلی از خدمات شرکت می باشد

Steps to carry out and implement the design and implementation of the website and portal

• Definition of goals and needs: In this step, the general goals and needs of the website should be defined. This includes the topic and content of the site, target audience, business needs, and other relevant matters. • Competitor research: Before starting to design, you should analyze competitors and check similar sites so that you can choose the best solutions for your website. • Sample website design (Mockup): In this step, an example of the website design is created as a Mockup or Wireframe. This initial design includes the design of pages, buildings, layout, and content placement. • Graphic design: After the Mockup is approved, the graphic designers start designing the website pages. This includes designing icons, banners, images, and other graphic elements. Website Development: In this phase, web programming developers start coding and implementing the website. This includes creating HTML structure, styling with CSS, and adding interactive features with JavaScript. • Testing and Evaluation: After development, the website should be tested to ensure its correctness and soundness. This includes functional testing, cross-browser display testing, and bug fixes. Launching: After completing the tests and ensuring the complete accuracy of the website, it is deployed on the Internet servers to be available to users. • Support and updates: includes adding content, fixing bugs, optimizing performance, and managing security.

How is the contract of portal and website design with companies

The procedure of contracting a portal and website design with companies may be different based on the conditions and needs of each company, but in general, the main stages can be explained as follows: 1. Meeting and consultation: In this stage, the customer meets with the website design company. and expresses his needs and goals. This meeting is very important for a more accurate understanding of the needs and providing appropriate solutions. 2. Offering a proposal: Based on the initial consultation and the customer's needs, the website design company provides a proposal. The proposal includes details such as service level, schedule, fees, and contract terms. 3. Preparation of the contract: After agreeing on the details of the proposal, the contract is prepared between the company and the customer. This contract includes the terms and conditions, limitations, expectations of the parties and the rights and obligations of each party. 4. Design and development: With the signing of the contract, the design and development of the project begins. This stage includes creating designs and user interface design, programming, testing and optimization. 5. Providing Samples and Feedback: Website or portal design samples are provided to the client to get his feedback and improve the requirements. 6. Delivery and start-up: After the final approval from the customer, the website or portal will be delivered and put into operation. 7. Support and Monitoring: After launch, the website design company is responsible for supporting and monitoring the software to ensure that it always remains up-to-date and efficient and meets the client's needs.

What are the website and portal support services?

Website and portal support services in a website design company may include the following: 1. Server maintenance and hosting management: This includes monitoring and maintaining servers, hosting management and dealing with technical problems. 2. Update and Security: Provide software updates and plugins, implement security changes and counter security attacks. 3. Technical support: providing telephone, email and online support to users to solve problems and answer technical questions. 4. Monitoring and statistics: monitoring the performance of the website and portal using statistical tools and reports. 5. Content support: adding and editing content based on customer requests. 6. Support management: planning and managing support meetings, improving the level of support and improving support processes. 7. Support for plugins and tools: installation, configuration and updating of plugins and tools required for the optimal performance of the website or portal. 8. Database support management: database backup, recovery and optimization. 9. Training of the website and portal: providing necessary training to administrators and users of the website and portal. 10. Performance optimization: providing solutions and improvements to increase the speed and optimize the performance of the website and portal. These are usually part of the support services that a web design company can provide to their clients to provide the best user experience and performance for their website or portal.

How to optimize website and portal and SEO

Website and portal optimization and SEO improvement (SEO: search engine optimization) are of great importance to improve rankings and better events in the results of search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. In the following, several solutions for website and portal optimization and SEO are mentioned: 1. Keyword research and selection: start optimization by choosing appropriate keywords that are related to your content and services and are used in user searches. 2. Improving the structure of the website: the logical and simpler structure of the website and portal allows for better guidance of search engines in displaying content and improving the user experience. 3. Content optimization: Providing valuable, unique and quality content using the desired keywords ensures SEO improvement. 4. Improved loading speed: Reducing the loading time of web pages has a better user experience and increased SEO ranking. 5. Using tags and metadata: The correct use of tags (such as H1, H2 tags, etc.) and metadata (such as meta descriptions and keywords) plays an important role in improving SEO. 6. Creating internal and external links: Creating internal links on different pages of the website and external links from reliable sources will improve SEO ranking. 7. Mobile-friendly: It is important to ensure that the website and portal are displayed optimally on different devices such as mobile phones, tablets and desktops. 8. Tracking and measurement: Using analysis and tracking tools such as Google Analytics will help you to measure and evaluate the performance and effectiveness of your optimizations. 9. Creating Shareable Content: Creating engaging and shareable content will increase engagement and website traffic. 10. Adherence to SEO standards: Adherence to SEO standards and guidelines provided by search engines such as Google is particularly important.

Raahbar Information Technology Company was registered with registration number 444277 in 2015. From the very beginning of our activity, we put expertise, commitment and innovation as our policy and we were able to keep up with the leading challenges in the information technology infrastructure of the country while using global knowledge. We found the most important principle in the interaction with our customers in providing the best support services and we are proud of our customers and resume for more than 2 decades. Raahbar company is taking steps in the following fields in the direction of making our dear country Iran smart. Implementation and execution of enterprise intelligent portals - production and development of custom web-based software. Design and implementation of corporate websites - implementation and development of secure platforms in the field of security. Providing enterprise server and mail server services - producing and providing custom mobile applications

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نیروی انسانی راهبر

With over 20 years of experience in website design, portals, and web-based software, Rahnabar Company, through its exceptional services, is the best choice for all your needs. From creating beautiful and engaging websites to search engine optimization, from 24/7 support to utilizing a professional analysis team, Rahnabar puts in all efforts to provide you with the best service. With Rahnabar's diverse products and distinctive services, you can easily achieve significant milestones in the digital world. Join us and experience the unparalleled offerings of Rahnabar's services and products.

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